StarCodec for Windows

The Star Codec is another free package of audio and video codecs needed to play multimedia on your computer in various formats and useful for people involved in creating music or simply editing simple videos.

starcodec for windows

Program features

The codecs included in this package are LAV, ffdshow, AC3, Xvid, x264, WebM, MP3, AAC, FLAC, MusePack, WavePack, as well as special filters madVR, Avi Splitter, RealMedia Splitter, Matroska Splitter and many others.
All of them are grouped into categories, which makes it easier to find a specific codec.

Advantages of the program

It is also worth mentioning that the package contains, among other things, everything necessary for the 64-bit version, Windows xp operating systems are supported.
By default, not all codecs are selected during installation, the user himself must tick the ones that he needs.
In addition, the kit also includes a service application, MediaInfo, which gives access to a large amount of information about the selected media file.

Download StarCodec for Windows

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