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How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free

“How can I activate the office for free?” is a frequent question. The official license is very expensive. Searching for activation keys on the Internet is a waste of time. Do you need a proven way to activate the Office? In this article, we will describe the activation procedure using the Office 2016 KMS activator utility. It will be short and informative.

  • License: Free
  • Operating System: Windows Vista 7 and higher
  • Language: En
  • Development: Ratiborus
  • Type of program: Activator for Windows OS and Office programs

Kms Activate Office 2016

Activation using KMSAuto is the simplest and most automated process, and that’s why we have chosen this activator.

Office 2016 includes: Office 2016 Home Office 2016 Home and Business Office 2016 Pro

Learn more about Microsoft Office 2016 on wikipedia.

Instructions for working with the kmsauto activator office 2016

1.Disable Windows Defender.

Disable Windows Defender

2.Download KmsAuto.

3.Unpack the latest version of the software.

Unpack Kms Auto

4.Go to the “Main Window” section and click “Activate Office”.

Activate Office

5.The activation status of Microsoft Office will appear in the information window of the KMS utility.

Office 2016 is activated

Activation of Microsoft products is performed via the KMS server. Your Office application sends the key to the server and the server sends back a positive or negative response.

standart activation

The principle behind activating Office 2016 using a KMS emulator is relatively straightforward. The KMS emulator works by emulating a Key Management Service (KMS) server on the user’s computer. A KMS server is a type of server that organizations use to activate multiple copies of software at once.

When Office 2016 attempts to activate, it will check for a KMS server on the local network. If it cannot find one, it will attempt to contact Microsoft’s activation servers. However, when the KMS emulator is running, it will intercept the activation request and redirect it to the local KMS server emulated on the user’s computer.

The local KMS server will then activate Office 2016, and the software can be used without any further activation steps. The KMS emulator is able to activate Office 2016 in this way because it simulates a KMS server that the software can communicate with. Kms office 2016 activator will help you solve the problem of getting microsoft office professional plus 2016 product key!

kmsauto activation

System requirements for the KmsAuto Net

Frequently Asked Questions about Office 2016 Activation

Yes! The activator does not modify system files and does not make changes to the registry. It’s completely safe.
The Kms Activator is completely free and distributed freely.
Yes. You can activate programs such as Office 2010-2021 using KMSAuto Exe.
Yes. You can activate with KMSAuto Exe such operating systems as Windows 11-7.
Yes. You just need to uninstall the KMSAuto program.
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KMS – Windows and Office Activator [2023]
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