Opera Neon for Windows

Opera Neon is a free browser of a new generation that allows you to make Internet surfing and watching video recordings more comfortable. The application supports only “Windows” and “macOS” operating systems.

Opera Neon

Main features:

  • Changing the background image.
  • Smooth switching between windows.
  • Support for separating videos and tabs.
  • Browser gallery support for saving images.
  • The panel of the media content player with the ability to save videos.
  • Creating a screenshot of a separate area.
  • Ad blocking.
  • Encryption of outgoing traffic.
  • Open architecture support.

Convenience and interface

The browser has a simple interface. The program supports the Russian language.

An interesting feature of the application is the setting of the background image of the workspace. The user can enjoy various special effects of the reactions of various objects on the page to his actions.

Now there is no need to search for saved images on your computer, since they can be added to the browser’s image gallery. The application has a built-in media player that allows you to view them without downloading.

With the help of the built-in screenshot manager, you can take a snapshot not only of the entire screen, but also of its separate area, which can be downloaded or saved in a special built-in gallery. 

The “highlight” is the function of separating the window with the viewed video content from the Internet surfing, which allows the user to perform two tasks at once simultaneously.

The user does not have to worry about information leakage, since outgoing traffic is subject to multi-level encryption. When installing the extension, you can activate the “Incognito” mode. The program also includes an ad blocker.

The browser supports tab visualization for easy search of the desired web resource.

The application cannot “boast” of high performance on “weak” personal computers, since the user pays for high-quality special effects with speed.


  1. Free app.
  2. Simple interface.
  3. The presence of special effects.
  4. There is an ad blocker.
  5. Changing the background image of the working window.
  6. There is a gallery of images.
  7. The presence of a built-in player.
  8. Creating screenshots.
  9. Open architecture.
  10. High level of security.
  11. Significant consumption of personal computer system resources.
  12. Not all pop-ups are blocked.

The browser is popular among owners of powerful personal computers, because visual effects affect performance.

Download Opera Neon for Windows

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