OoVoo for Windows

ooVoo – application for messaging and video conferencing. This app works on personal computers running “Windows” and “macOS”, as well as mobile devices with “Android” and “iOS” installed.

oovoo for windows

Main features

  • Automatic identification of the video camera and the bandwidth of the Internet connection channel.
  • Making video calls.
  • Record conversations in video mode.
  • Sending video mail.
  • File sharing up to 25 MB.
  • Creating video conferences with 12 participants.
  • Sharing the screen.
  • Formatting the text.
  • Integration with email services and popular social networks.
  • Video communication with Skype users.
  • Synchronization with social networks “Facebook” and “Twitter”.
  • Automatic saving of video calls to a file.
  • Calls to mobile and landline phones.
  • Encryption of incoming traffic.

Convenience and interface

The service is easy to understand thanks to the friendly interface. During startup, the application automatically detects the type of video camera and the bandwidth of the Internet connection channel.

The program allows you not only to communicate by correspondence, but also to make video calls. Each conversation is recorded in a separate file, which you can then listen to.

When the interlocutor is not in place, then you can send him a video email.

The application allows you to share files no larger than 12 MB.

Users can call up with Skype subscribers. The service supports integration with popular social networks “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

The “highlight” is the ability to call mobile and landline phones. The service is paid.

The message text can be formatted. The user’s confidential information is transmitted to the server in encrypted form, which prevents it from falling into the hands of intruders.


  • A free program.
  • Russian language is supported by the application.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Built-in tools for formatting text.
  • Encryption of confidential user data.
  • Automatically save the conversation to a file.
  • Video conferencing recording mode.
  • Calls to mobile and landline phones.
  • Sending a video message.
  • File sharing.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Skype integration.
  • Support for creating video conferences.
  • Automatic adjustment of the video camera.
  • You can share the screen.
  • Minimal consumption of personal computer and mobile device resources.

Disadvantages of the application

  • The size of the files sent is limited to 12 MB.
  • The number of participants in the video conference is limited to 12 users.
  • Paid phone calls.

Program is popular with users due to the minimal consumption of personal computer resources, the ability to make calls to mobile and landline phones.

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