Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows

Hotspot Shield VPN is a shareware utility for creating a VPN between a user’s device and the gateway of an Internet resource. It runs under operating systems: Windows, macOS X, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile and iOS. The application is released as an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Hotspot Shield vpn for windows

Main features Hotspot Shield

  • Automatic creation of an encrypted connection.
  • Protecting user data from intruders.
  • Creating a separate tunnel that cannot be tracked or hacked when navigating the Internet.
  • Hiding the user’s IP and location from cybercriminals and Internet service provider.
  • Anonymous access to sites.
  • Ensuring the security of a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Support protection against 3,500,000 malware.
  • Automatic detection of the optimal server to bypass the ban.

Convenience and interface

The utility has a simple interface. The program is easy to install.

The “highlight” of the utility is to create an impenetrable tunnel for cyber attacks. Even an Internet provider will not be able to track the user’s actions on the Internet.

The application is distributed under a shareware license. The developers give the user 7 days to familiarize themselves with the full-featured version of the utility. After its expiration, the program should be purchased.


Easy to install and configure.
Unlimited traffic processing.
Constant updates of the utility.
Creating a separate tunnel.
High degree of protection against cyber attacks, malicious software and activity tracking.
Support for various operating system platforms.
A separate browser extension.
Paid application.
Advertising in the free test version.
Collection of user information by the program.
Traffic can be intercepted by sniffers, since access information to DNS servers is not encrypted.

The program is popular among ordinary users because it provides an optimal set of useful functions for safe surfing on the Internet.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows

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