Guitar Pro for Windows

Guitar Pro is a professional tool for convenient work with tablatures. You can also learn to play guitar with this program. You will be able to independently study a variety of musical compositions with the help of a special visual editor, and will also have access to an extensive library that includes ready-made scores created by artists and musicians.

Guitar Pro for windows

Program interface

The Guitar program has a simple and intuitive interface in which all elements and options are sorted in such a way that its operation should not cause any problems. In addition, it has a built-in Fretlight module, with which we will learn how to play the guitar while listening to our favorite music tracks.

The main features of Guitar Pro

With GuitarPro, you can create sound tracks, compose music, and record your own accompaniment. The program also includes modern RSE technology (Realistic Sound Engine, which improves the quality of the instruments produced).

Additional features of the program

In addition to the basic software tools, Guitar Pro also has additional, auxiliary functions, for example, a tuner for tuning a guitar, a virtual keyboard that displays in real time which strings and on which fret you need to clamp, and of course flexible line input settings, this can be very useful when connecting an electric guitar to a computer.

Advantages of the program

Perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of the Guitar Pro program is the availability of ready-made compositions. These compositions in a special format can be imported into the program.

Terms of use of the program

The program is paid, but it supports full functionality for a limited time, about 30 days, it will be enough to evaluate and decide for yourself whether it is worth buying for personal use.

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