Comodo Dragon Internet Browser v.85 for Windows

Comodo Dragon is a free and fast program for safe surfing on the Internet, created on the basis of “Chromium”. The browser works only on personal computers running the Windows operating system.

Comodo-Dragon-Browser for windows

Main features

  • Expansion of functions thanks to an open architecture.
  • Protection of confidential user data.
  • The use of DNS servers “Comodo”.
  • Built-in site inspector.
  • Support for SSL certificates.
  • Blocking cookies.
  • Support for privacy mode.
  • Built-in ad blocker.
  • The function “Share the page with friends via social networks”.
  • Support for all Google Chrome extensions.
  • Work with a large number of tabs at the same time.
  • Creating categories for grouping links.
  • Downloading files to the Sandbox.
  • Support for the pumping mode.

Convenience and interface

The browser has a user-friendly interface. The application supports english language and has an open architecture that allows you to expand its functionality by connecting various modules.

User data protection is achieved through multi-level encryption of outgoing traffic. All extensions that affect the appearance of vulnerabilities are excluded from the browser.

After installing the application, two shortcuts will appear on the desktop. One of them is the normal mode of operation, and the other is protected. Let’s call it a sandbox. With it, you can safely upload files from the Internet to a special container.

The browser supports the user’s privacy mode, which allows you to remain unnoticed on the network. A built-in blocker with many useful settings will save you from annoying ads.

When you open an interesting page with important information, you can share it with your friends.

The “highlight” is a site inspector that blocks malicious Internet resources and JS scripts. It also performs the functions of a web antivirus.

When downloading files, the built-in download manager is useful.


  • Free app.
  • Simple interface.
  • Support for file upload mode.
  • Built-in antivirus, blocker of malicious scripts and web resources.
  • There is a privacy mode.
  • The presence of an ad blocker.
  • Secure file download mode.
  • Support for multi-level encryption of user data.
  • Support for all Google Chrome extensions.
  • Access to Comodo DNS servers.
  • Minimal consumption of device resources.
  • Not all pop-ups are blocked.
  • You need to use a VPN.

The browser is popular among users who pay special attention to their own network security and minimal consumption of system resources.

We advise you to try this browser!

Download Conodo Dragon for Windows

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