FaceGen Modeller

FaceGen Modeller for Windows

FaceGen Modeller 3.5 is a powerful shareware application for creating human faces that works only on Windows operating systems, starting with the XP version.

faceGen Modeller for Windows

Main features

  • Support for fast random face generation function.
  • Import texture images to any element.
  • Support for exporting to popular programs (“3DS”, “Maya”, etc.).
  • The function of working with texture maps and exporting them to “TIFF”, “JPEG”, “TGA” and “BMP”.
  • Creating an emotional background of the character.
  • Automatic appearance of “Endomorphs” and its easy integration into applications that support LWO files.
  • Change of race, age and other parameters.

Convenience and interface

The application has a clear interface. All the functions of the program are divided into categories that allow you to make adjustments to change race, gender, age and other features.

After launching the application, a window opens with a “skeleton” of the head, which can be modified through settings.

The user can familiarize himself with all the functions of the utility using the demo version. However, the function of saving and exporting to other applications is not available in it.

To create a large number of faces, the automatic face generation function will be useful, which significantly saves time when designing “extras” in computer games

The application supports export to modern programs for modeling 3D objects.

The “highlight” of the program is to create an emotional facial expression, which allows you to use the object in computer games.


  1. Fast face generation.
  2. Adding emotions.
  3. A wide variety of settings are available (texture — 30, symmetrical — 50, asymmetrical — 25).
  4. Integration with modern programs that support the LWO format.
  5. There are 36 facial expression templates available.
  6. Creating your own emotional backgrounds.
  7. User-friendly interface.
  8. Working with texture maps.
  9. The demo version allows you to fully familiarize yourself with the main features, except for export and integration into other applications.


  • High price.
  • Sometimes “buggy”.

The application is popular among computer game developers due to a large set of functions and the ability to create your own emotional background of the character.

Download FaceGen Modeller for Windows

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