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KMS activator is an activator for Microsoft Office products. There is no more need to select individual activators for each application. It is able to activate both Windows and Office at the same time. The license is valid for 180 days, its restart is automatic. The size of the application is only 2 MB. You can download KmsPico for Microsoft Office for free on this page.


  • License: Free
  • Operating System: Windows Vista 7 and higher
  • Language: English
  • Development: KMSTools
  • Type of program: Activator for Microsoft programs

How to download Auto Kmspico

1. Click on the “Download KMS Pico” button

How to use KMSpico

The program does not require special knowledge and skills from the user. Kmspico password is specified in the name of the archive. Just download KMS activator and run it. The application will work offline.

Setup KmsPico

After downloading the archive, you need to unpack it. After that, run the installer file on behalf of the administrator and agree to the terms of use.

finish setup KmsPico

Then select the program that requires activation. Next, click the big red button. Wait for a few seconds, and the activation is ready.

red Button KmsPico

Restart the computer. The “System Properties” window informs you that the activation has been successfully completed. The activator sets the license for a certain period and automatically creates a task in the “Scheduler” for auto-renewal. Therefore, you cannot make edits to the “Scheduler”, disable or delete it.

Sometimes there are problems during the installation process. Difficulties often occur due to a conflict between your antivirus and the KMS activator.

Problem solving

  1. Put the antivirus program on pause. (temporary solution)
  2. Add the KMS program to the exclusion list of the antivirus program.
  3. Set the “Read-only” property of the activator program. It often prevents your antivirus from trying to affect the software during the scanning process.

System requirements for the activator

As you have already seen, no special instructions are required to download KMSpico and use it.

Questions about the KMSpico program

Yes, the activation of the operating system occurs without problems!
Yes, the activator can activate the Office 2010-2021.
No. The activator does not change the program code and the operating system code. You’re not hacking anything.
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KMS – Windows and Office Activator [2023]
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